Friday, July 20, 2007

Just Because - It's Friday - Summertime and HOT!

Meet Jennie-Marie!

It's getting really hot here and it's time to go to the beach. For those who do not know it Manitoba has a few of the world's very best beaches on Lakes Winnipeg and Lake Manitoba... which I believe are the world's 7th and 8th largest freshwater bodies!

Yes there are MILES of sand and water and places where your not tripping over a sea of humanity to enjoy it ...... so that's where I'm headed!

Taking Beer and BBQ fodder and keeping it simple!

One very large cooler filled with ice and a couple of soft coolers for toting a beverage or two down to the shore........ Cheers!

I wonder if Darcey will be hosting Friday Night Blues & Beer over at
www. DUST MY BROOM .com ??

A little humor about BEER ........


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