Wednesday, July 18, 2007

When A Moonbat Shrieks!

Glenn Beck's interview - See this for yourself.......
Thanks to Rodger @ Are we Lumberjacks?

What a disgrace to see the son of Robert F. Kennedy make such public ass of himself!

I just had the great displeasure of witnessing a descendant of one of America's great families make a complete ass of himself on prime time TV.

Glenn Beck had on Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to "discusss" comments that the progeny of American Camelot had made recently about Beck and others who have the audacity to question the merits of the Global Warming Jihadist movement.

It was shocking, to say the least, to witness this born to privilege, silver spoon darling of the Liberal 'progressives' do nothing but spout the standard mantra about the subject. All the ad hominem garbage, every cliche from the Libblogs without letup! Even though Beck graciously attempted to put openings in front of him to tone down the rhetoric and engage in some kind of civil debate or discussion, Kennedy consistently went back to the jingoism and dogma that Moonbats and ignoramuses from the left ALLWAYS try to use to stifle such open discussion or debate!

It was so predictable and macabre that Kennedy would continue to shout down and smear every point made by Beck, to obfuscate and muddle with the childish anti-business, anti-free enterprise and worst of all anti-free speech ranting of drug addled and pig ignorant liberal arts sophomore! It was in fact the most blatant socialist style ranting that I have ever witnessed.
Kennedy reminded me of the kind of Foaming at the Mouth we used to see from the likes of Fidel Castro and Nikita Kruschev complete with histrionics and Bashing of Corporate America.
It looked like he was deliberately aping Hug Chavez.

All the while trying to impugn Beck as doing the very thing he was himself engaging in!!
What is it with these privileged children of otherwise great parentage?

Is it drugs? Is it living in a vacuum from reality? Is it some genetic degeneration? Is it simply egos that are fed by the adoration and propaganda of perverted media?

If I were to guess I'd offer my observation that talent and intelligence often skip a generation or two. In RFK Jr.'s case it looks like those qualities took a flying leap!

God Bless America and may he have mercy on all of our souls if People Like Kennedy are allowed to gain control of the US administration.

I'm betting that John and Bobby are spinning like tops in their graves right now!

If this is what the heritage of the Kennedys has become it is a pitiful thing to behold.

Keep an eye out for further action! I'm sure this will become available on line and I'm sure that Glenn Beck is not finished with the Kennedy's offspring.


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