Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Flogging the Merry Go Round Ponies!

In the day by day presentation of news our media sources seem to be struggling (to put it politely) to get consistent factual presentations of events out to the public.

Read ANY newspaper or watch ANY TV news source on any given day and if you have the slightest inclination you will see gaping holes in the fabric of the information being presented.

Dig deeper into the sources of these stories, to the news bureaus: Reuters - Associated Press - Canadian Press etc. and you will be confronted with endless examples of unconfirmed, unattributed, overly editorialized, inaccurate and sadly just plain false reports.

Now I would never suggest that gathering news is an easy task and there are those who point out that with the advent of 24/7 media outlets the task of keeping the pipelines full is truly daunting.

BUT ..... and this is the BIG issue ..... How does this in any way justify the deliberate falsification of reports?
In the many examples of reports that have been proven to be false or blatantly inaccurate, how does the circumstance then justify the DEFENSE of such reports by the News Bureaus, the publishers and the networks?

How can these agencies continue to recycle these same reports that have been proven false or inaccurate again and yet again?

How can the agencies justify the continued use of sources that have been shown to be guilty of manufacturing, conflating and otherwise falsifying reports?

How can these agencies claim to hold any sort of credibility when they continually refuse to behave in a credible manner?

From the Mohammed Al-Dura affair of the French TV journalist collaborating with Arab terrorists to set up staged murder of a child. To numerous incidents of faked evidence in Lebanon in support of terrorists and such incidents as the faking of numerous other deaths and injuries in the ME to be subsequently used as anti Israeli propaganda.

Fake ambulance bombings, faked destruction of buildings and infrastructure, faked death scenes, faked and staged protests, faked reports of atrocities ( while very real atrocities go unreported), staged displays of civilians being targeted by military where the fact that these same civilians were being used as shields or distractions by terrorists is ignored and unreported and it goes on ad nauseum.

That's just the outline of proven abuses by the entire spectrum of our Mainstream Media over the last seven years or so and just limited to ME events that involve Israel and other ME locations. In each and every one of these examples the agencies attempted to defend their reporting and even after proven wrong tried to deflect the criticisms.

I'll have to forgo listing the political reporting malfeasance for now but for those of you who follow this particular milieu I have just one thing to say at this time.

Wilson / Plame ! The confabulation of US Democrats and willing media where A Whitehouse staffer was falsely accused of a security breach and then railroaded for "Lying" to the court in his hearings in spite of the FACT that he was proven completely innocent of the charge he faced.
When Scooter Libby was found guilty and sentenced did the MSM include that fact?

Now the Merry-Go-Round of old political stories is being spun and the ponies being whipped mercilessly.

You may have noticed that the US networks are all abuzz about this yet again!
And not surprisingly CNN is leading this circus.

Now that some former Whitehouse employee wants to sell his book about the matter. And, just happens to be making inflamatory and unsubstantiated claims about the Whitehouse Staff and the Government. They are only too willing to rehash ALL the falsehoods that were so willfully bandied about and so thoroughly discredited.

Still, after all this time these so called News Reporting agencies refuse to acknowledge or include in their "Latest" reports the fact that the person who disclosed the Name of Valerie Plame as a CIA agent admitted that he did so! His name is Dick Armitage.

In fact, it is recorded that Wilson Himself essentially did it in the process of releasing two fabricated stories in his personal attempt to undermine the reelection efforts of GW Bush and the Republicans. All politically motivated actions by disgruntled government employees out to cause trouble for their former employers and in aid of political opponents to the Republicans and Bush.

Now how many times do you see any of those facts mentioned in connection with the MSM reports you see?

I'll bet that you do not and will not! CNN knows these facts and knows very well that they are salient to the story. Yet they willfully fail to mention in their reports even the existence of any information that runs contrary to their desired theme.

The only way you will find these details is by researching yourself and the likes of CNN know very well that the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

And so they get to carry on with their incompetent, false and agenda driven version of news reporting.

It is Certainly Not News .

The MSM riding their fake stories .... fake like painted tin horses on the Merry-Go-Round watch them go by time and again until you get vertigo or simply need to walk away and get some fresh air and new scenery.


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