Saturday, December 01, 2007

When I Was Asked -

Angel.... "How many years, decades have passed since the emergence of “feminism”?

Well since the question is out there!

The womens rights movement in our western culture has its roots in 19th century England and Europe ... for the most part as privileged upper middle class girls were indulged with access to higher education. It did not happen often that a girl would be allowed more than a private tutelage under an adept teacher… but that was enough and it only took a few to get the ball rolling. Coincidently … this was also the age that spawned the popularity of socialist idealism among the well heeled and educated of Europe.

Now that’s all well and good!

Except that we are well past the point where the so called “progressive” ideas of the 1800’s can rightfully be considered either modern or progressive. It’s also well past the point where the obvious failures and weaknesses of these ideologies should be blatantly apparent to anyone with more than minimal intelligence and far past the time where blind acceptance of or adherence to the dogma of such intransigent fools should be tolerated.

The doctrine of the leftists is well beyond it's shelf life and as foul and rotten as canned vegetables from that age. The adherents are blind to the failings and failures of ideas that are spawned of era from two centuries ago. A thinking person would realize that if there was merit in them .... then somehow, somewhere in the last 100 years at least ... SOME society would have benefited from them!

As for the Women's Libbers , that group that really got the steam behind it in the post WWII era, were products of an indulgent time of change often pursued for no other reason than having change.

The 1950's and 60's saw the enabling of proponents of liberalisation of all social norms and traditions. The main protagonists like Goldman, Sanger, Dworkin, Brownmiller and most of their compatriots were in fact Socialist and Anarchists in philosophy who absolutely intended to use the methods of Marx and Lenin to define thought and language of debate in what was their agenda of pursuing cultural and sexual revolution. For them it was the socialist ideology and the strategy of it's most dominant proponents that showed the way. Complete with the language of "newspeak" and the required adherence to what they viewed as "politically correct" language and thought. All this helped by a generation of vacuous and self absorbed adolescents to act as the useful idiots of the campaign.

And where are we today?

Well for the most part not much better off as a society at least not in terms of any of the supposed benefits we were to see courtesy the feminists. In my opinion most of the much trumpeted accomplishments of the Libbers would have evolved over the last 50 years without all the negative crap and polarization their efforts engendered. You know... things like more educated women ... more women in educated and responsible roles in society and business ... more social freedom for every one .... more prosperity for everyone ..... simple things like that.

What would we have done without? In my opinion most of the political correctness that these harridans engendered ..... a lot of the short sighted and destructive socialist sentiment that young people seem to be so neatly indoctrinated to in our education systems .... much of the bleeding heart / do-gooder sentiment that puts the morality of "helping" even the most undeserving of society above the good of society in general ... and most of all we'd probably have a lot less of the Nurse-Nanny mentality that pervades so much of our government agency types.

In my opinion we'd be more prosperous, more secure and more at peace with the entire world if these enablers of dissent and dissatisfaction, these priestesses of vanity and self importance and these same false goddesses and phony intellectuals along with their distorted and perverse morality and ethos were shoveled off into the trash bin of history.

It will be a better day for all of humanity when the footnote in history books describes the failure and harm done by this false and very flawed ideology called "Women's Lib" that was spawned in the politics of class envy from the 19th century and fertilized in the moral bankruptcy of the late 20th century.

Next time someone tries to impress you by showing how progressive they are just let them know that the 19th AND the 20th centuries are OVER.

It’s time to grow up!


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

wowza..that was a mouthful of response! a lot of evil came from it but much good in terms of women at least being able to defend themselves from sexual and violent attack..although that is STILL a huge problem!..thanks for sharing Ommag!

12/01/2007 4:52 p.m.  

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