Thursday, November 08, 2007

When left Wing "Think Tanks" Talk Tax!

I normally would not give either the Toronto Star or the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives the least time .... but since the usual lefty tools in the MSM are running THIS PIECE OF NONSENSE as if there's some fact involved.

Singing the usual tired, leftover and rehashed tune that the poor are paying an unfair share of taxes in Canada and of course leading up to an argument that this fictitious situation is the fault of our current conservative government by first blaming Mike Harris. Piling lies and misrepresentation on top of falsehood and inaccuracy.

Show me your calculations fellows because I can prove you are using false assumptions and lying through your teeth! This garbage has been debunked over and over as the tools of socialism have kept up their line of attacking the successful and enterprising and blaming governments for creating an unfair system. Cut the crap.... the only thing these closet commies want is to have the ability to take all the wealth of our nation and dole it out like food rations to a dependent population.

I am NO fan of how taxation is managed in this country but I am less a fan of BS from people whose sole purpose in life is to foment dissent and class envy with phony controversy like this.

Add to that the complete willingness of the leftstream MSM to unquestioningly propagate the garbage that these idiots produce and you've got what passes for "Informing The Public" in our society these days.

But of course to a socialist anyone who is successful in life is guilty of doing so on the backs of the "poor". ...
And so goes the theme from the Toronto Star and the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives ... the avowed champions of "Social Justice"..... students of Marx, Lenin,Stalin and Trudeau.

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