Monday, December 03, 2007

Win One - Lose One!

Well the Yin/Yang of politics and common sense in the world took an interesting turn over the weekend.
One for the Bad Guys...

In Russia soon to be commissar for life Vlad Putin managed to pull the wool over the Nations eyes convincing the majority of Russians that the Parliamentary elections were really about his presidency. Well, that's pretty astute political confabulation and nothing we wouldn't likely see here in Canukistan under the LIberals if we had that sort of federal structure.
But the rest of the Russian election deal seems pretty cockeyed when you hear about how opposition party politicians were harassed, arrested and otherwise prevented from putting up any sort of political initiative. Or, especially how many voters were corralled into voting at work under supervision. I guess there are a few things about actual democracy that the Russians haven't figured out yet! Too bad it's likely going to cost them that very thing.

One for the Good Guys ....

In Venezuela .... Comic character and socialist president Hugo Chavez got a black eye in his efforts to establish himself as "el Presidente" for life!

In spite of massive efforts by Chavez goons to keep voters away from polling stations and in spite of the absence of international monitors Hugo's efforts were stymied in a 51% majority national plebiscite to allow him to run indefinitely.... oh and just coincidentally give him arbitrary power over the national banking system.

Hugo's big mistake here was getting ahead of himself...... like Vlad he needed to squash all dissent before making the big play on constitutional manipulation.

In related news: CTV - thinks Hugo Chavez is "Colourful" and "controversial" !

I was watching the Sunday Night News when the CTV news speakerette popped off with that gem! How charming! What a delightfully colourful and controversial character this socialist dictator wannabe is! Thanks CTV .... I guess we were wrong about people who steal private property, destroy investment, shut down radio and TV stations, put his buddies in charge of the press and major industries, set artificial prices for goods and service and all that other wonderful commie stuff that always works so well. We though he was stupid and evil but now we know he's just "Colourful" and "Controversial"!


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