Friday, January 18, 2008

Friday Night Blues & Beer!

The Music is courtesy of Darcey at Dust My Broom dot com
Who provides a wonderful live Muddy Waters recording from 1979 or so.... awesome!

I'm back with this offering a beer from my own shelf for your perusal....

Trappistes - Rochefort 10 Biere from the monks at the Abbey St- Remy of Rochefort .....

It comes in a 330ml bottle at 11.3% abv

Just another strong beer from Belgium ??

Well let's see .....
When I pop the top there's a nice little snap and bit of misty wafting vapour escapes like a spirit ascending upwards .... carries with it the scent of a bake shop and other goody things that make you feel warm and peaceful.

Poured into the glass it's dark and a bit cloudy looking almost like burnt sugar or molasses.
It builds a firm foamy head the colour of vanilla cream that takes a long time to settle and lace out on the glass.
With a close up sniff in the beer tumbler the aromas are intense and take some work to sort out.
The overall impression is like wedding cake or minced meat tarts .... lots of aromatic dried fruits and spice supported by that cooked sugar that's so strong you can almost taste it without the brew ever hitting your palate. It's a powerful rush of floral hops and malt with nothing but goodness in store.

The taste! Oh yes! It's ALL that you'd expect after having your taste buds sent into ecstasy like this with nothing more than a whiff !

Hitting the palate with a sharp impact of alcohol and sugar with spice there's a creamy smooth feel that you only notice after that first blast of flavor .... this passes into a clean and even fresh after taste that manages to provide yet another surprise.

After a few sips you get the sense of almost cappuccino and chocolate ..... there's no doubt about it regardless of how you interpret the complex and powerful brews character it's really outstanding and well worth consideration as a fine example of the art of brewing.

If you love these dark rich Belgians like I do ..... well you'll be inclined to thank the Lord and the good Monks of St. Remy for this wonderful blessing and most spiritual experience in a glass!


Rated very high by others .... See Here
And HERE! ....


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