Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday's Beer !

Ahhhhhh .... 16:00 hours and I'm ..... well let's just say it's time to unwind a bit!
Put down the coffee mug and uncork something from the potent potable category Alex!

Today's choice is a new resident on the shelves of my local store. AND, since I have yet to meet a Belgian Beer that I did not like ....... heh?

Best Belgian and French beer
from Distillerie Radermacher they call it a traditional beer brewed in the ancient-way.

Re-fermented in its bottle with a distillate of grain which has undergone a prolonged aging process in oak casks. The primary fermentation is made with the same selected grains for the mash tubbing and the distillate. The distillate, aged in oak casks is then added to the mash tub just before the re-fermentation in the bottle.

Quite a complex process and as a result we get a complex product.

The bottle is a 330ml shorty and the brew is 10.5% abv

This beer seems to underwhelm the senses ..... It opens with little fanfare and pours with a moderate cream coloured head. It settles out nicely after a few minutes and shows a cloudy mid range amber body with steady effervescence from top to bottom.

When I took in the first whiff things began to get more interesting!

The aromas were more complex than your average brew! Starting with a tangy hop that has the yeast still propelling it's character and finishing with some caramel malts and the oaken aroma of cut wood and forest floor.

The sensation on the tongue is pleasantly creamy and the flavour crisp. I find the combination of yeast, malt and oak really satisfying and there are enough hops in the mix to clean the palate for a finish that hold just the right amount of the flavour to keep you salivating.

She holds on very well and embraces the senses in warmth and sweetness, leaving you satisfied but open for more.

I would recommend this amber beauty to anyone who craves subtle qualities that get richer as you go. An excellent apparatif to a quality meal ( I'd relish a spicy dish after this) or possibly just to enjoy by the fire on a winter's evening.

It is plainly not something to be over indulged..... rather a rewarding experience to be savored and possibly followed by other delights.

Choose Wisely Friends............

As always ...... Get on over to DustMyBroom Dot Com for Darcey's excellent party with Blues and Brews ....


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