Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blue Is the NEW Green?

How trite!
This Financial Post article on water and water treatment technology.
Writer Karen Mazurkewich of FP, Even starts the article by talking about a Regina SK resident who is trying to reduce his energy and home maintenance costs. Missing completely the fact that a KEY player in water treatment and management technology is a Regina based company ( Mainstream Water).

The concept of water as a commodity is hardly new .... been going on for thousands of years wherever demand bumps up against a lack of supply.

The reality is that water processing technology is at a state that makes it possible have safe water any where on the planet where there is water. The earth's surface remains about 2/3 water and even though only about 10% of that is clean fresh water there is really no need to be paying chicken little over water supplies in the way the enviro nuts are squacking about climate change.

Now if people around the world want to face up to the costs of providing clean water and cleaning up polluted water then that's a good thing in my view. But PLEASE spare us the hysterics and BS.

In North America where we have well developed water infrastructure the only thing we are going to be doing differently is to stop assuming that all water sources are completely pristine or that chemical treatment is the best way to deal with sanitation. The dynamic will be change in employing more modern treatment for both water and waste water including re-use of the waste from cities which is all completely practical right now.

No pie - in - the - sky wishful thinking need be involved as the tools to do real environmental rehabilitation are here right now.

Some Areas That Canada and the US Excel In:

1 - Water purification using proven Bio-Filtration systems in combination with Ozone
and Ultra-violet irradiation. The market is here and the technology is here the risk is that
our economic development agencies are more willing to fund foreign developed technology
and more esoteric / costly and long term higher cost systems ( a whole topic unto itself).
While regulators default position is to interfere in the deployment of ANY new technology.
See Mainstream Water!

2 - Waste Water same things as on the water side of things along with more widespread
adoption of reuse strategies. Although cities like LA and Las Vegas are in the business of
reprocessing and re-using waste water in the public supply there are all kinds of
middle-ground strategies between complete recycling and none. See Waterloo Biofiltration!

3 - Outside of water and waste water we have many domestically developed technologies
that provide opportunities to reduce environmental pollution and offer alternative energy
sources. Gasifiers are available and offer tremendous potential for reducing the volumes of solid and liquid waste and environmental hazards.
If we rely on our MSM to tell us about these matters however we will end up getting the same kind of useless hyperbole that is already being spun around the environment and environmental issues.


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