Thursday, February 21, 2008

Canada's MacLeans Magazine Unwittingly Publishes One Unvarnished Story!

Outside of Mark Steyn's essays this is about the ONLY time I've seen something that could stand the test of honesty and integrity.
I suppose that it could only have happened if a Canadian cultural icon (minor as he may be) were the author and so we have DAN HILL contributes an essay on the trials and tribulations of raising kids in the racist shithole of Toronto.

The piece is Titled Every Parent's Nightmare

Some things that stuck with me about his heartfelt and very honestly written piece:

- Dan ... even being a wimp and bleeding heart liberal of the first order managed to "Man-Up" when he needed to to protect his family from thugs! Good for you Dan and BTW that's what it feels like to stand up to goons and criminals... every time. And that's what people like police go through over and over again as they do their job of protecting the sheep from the sheep eaters.
- The Yuppity Beaches Neighborhood where Dan lives is as much a breeding ground for thugs as any other area of Toronto ... no-one is immune.
- The culture of spinelessness that pervades Toronto when it comes to even reporting goons and criminals.
- The culture of Racial Identity that pervades Dan's world.
- The apparent fact that the best of Dan's son's friends seem to have come from what is considered the city's original welfare ghetto Regent's Park.
- The inescapable fact that Dan Hill is paralyzed by Liberal Angst .... that even though he allowed a thoroughly evil person to enter his household and to endanger his family, that he took far to long to face up to the reality of the situation and luckily for him this piece of shit ended up becoming a statistic and victim of his own choices ... Dan can't seem to reconcile this outcome as the natural consequence of a wasted life. Dan feels that he must somehow feel guilty about the consequences that this POS brought upon himself.

Anyway it is a good read IMO check out Every Parent's Nightmare ...


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Blogger OMMAG said...

Apparently a lot of conservative bloggers feel that Dan's essay is a bit contrived....

5/12/2008 11:41 a.m.  

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