Monday, March 03, 2008

CBC: Conservatives Made Million Dollar Offer ...

OH Really?

Bumped with Updates:

PM moves to sue Liberals for libel over Cadman affair!

Another Liberal Loving media Hack Spins the story:
Alex Panetta of CP
tells us how to interpret the interview with Stephen Harper.

CBC - States that Cadman's daughter and wife both stick to this story!
Really? I'd like to see or hear the exact context of those interviews!
Funny that they are NOT available......

The Author of the book Tom Zytaruk was interviewed on CTV ..... stammering buffoon who when asked whether he had any proof of the allegations in this matter could not give a direct answer.... of course until the CTV newspseaker helped him out by answering her own question.

Johnny on the spot Liberal Cheerleader Keith Boag found out about a book that has been written by a guy named Tom Zytaruk.

Care to guess where this author's political sympathy's lie?

Odd that Mrs. Cadman who was also willing to run for the CPC seat that her (independent) Husband vacated is not being quoted too closely and her supposed friend NDPer Penny Priddy when interviewed on CBC said she would not be asking Donna Cadman for details but rather that the 'serious" alegations demanded a public inquiry be held.

Well not so much because when simply asking Mrs Cadman for details would clear up the whole issue immediately that prelude the nearly infinite opportunity for hyperbole and grandstanding that an inquiry would provide the pols.

Oh yeah and notice the CBC's Use of the Million Dollar Offer in the headline! The actual story is about the supposed offer of setting up an insurance policy. Not exactly the same thing as waving $ around the office!

SO is it true???

My bet is that the whole thing is BS ....

Still waiting to hear from Donna Cadman and legislative assistant Dan Wallace.

(Well CBC says Donna and daughter Jodi are backing up their story.)
( But ... wait NOW Dona Cadman clears up the fact that Stephen Harper Had Nothing to do with it!)

Anyone going to name the alleged conservative operatives involved?
( Well that's been done and to no avail since Zytaruk NEVER interviewed them and so far neither has anyone else from the media. Guess fact finding is out of fashion in today's journalism.)

I'm guessing that will NOT happen either.... I'm also guessing that this turkey Tom Zytaruk can't.
(And I was certainly right about that .... none of the so called witnesses who were supposed to have been in th meeting with Chuck Cadman ... actually were in the meeting. Thus putting the lie to Zytaruk's claims.)

Still waiting for Wallace and the rest to chime in!
And they have ..... Zytaruk is looking like a fabricator rather than a biographer ...... eh!


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