Monday, February 04, 2008

A Commenter Asks Why I Don't Comment More on Local Stuff.

Last Week ... when I posted about the handling of a topical commentary written and published by the Canadian Press : Can't See The Problem?

One of the commenters asked the question about dealing with local matters rather than those larger world shaping events.

"The story line about the Yellowquill baby deaths in particular. Remember the concept? Deal with the little stuff near you and the bigger stuff will start to fall in line? How reasonable is it that the MSM is focusing on and accepting grief counselors as the appropriate response? What about accountability counselors?"

This story : The Frozen Babies

Well the fact is that the MSM response to that story was the usual .. starting with a rush to get the story out without providing any background or even having confirmed details of the story.
The follow up was all about getting the usual leverage from a tragedy involving first nations and spinning the usual stories about funding, social support and so on!

And my commenter asked the right question about RESPONSIBILITY which of course the MSM types N-E-V-E-R mention in connection with natives or any other official victim group!

You probably have your own thoughts on that matter and the behaviour of the press and other media in this case only tends to reinforce my opinion that they are more interested in perpetuating the ideas of the meddling socialists and politically correct donkeys than in ever demonstrating the ability to use critical thought and analysis.
In short the MSM insists on pandering to the uninformed and unthinking groups that they have been cultivating through their own work practices for so long. Just keep falling back on the default themes and discussions and don't let facts and details get in the way!

But why don't I comment more about real Local News like in Winnipeg and Manitoba ?
It's like this:
First - I do NOT subscribe to the Winnipeg Free Press and only find out about what they are doing when someone points out an article or when I get a free copy handed to me at the gas bar.
The Freep is a complete piece of trash and waste of good lumber. A publishing relic that has forgone any effort at being a credible source of news or editorial integrity.

Second - The Winnipeg SUN gets no better except for the occasional intelligent article by some of the writers.

Local TV and radio news is no better and when I do watch or listen all that they do is spend 90% of their time on repeating what comes off the news feeds and the remainder misreporting the things they actually do cover.

And So ..... I spend my reading time with on-line news that seldom covers anything local to me.

So why did I not comment on The Frozen Babies ??
Well first of all this story just made me sick. I spent the day that it broke avoiding the blaring headlines and the idiot TV and Radio newsreaders exclamatory presentations of those headlines.

As soon as I got a glimpse of the report I guessed what had happened and did not really care to have my suspicions confirmed or to indulge in the frustration and pain of watching the MSM "DO" the story as they always do.

There is no need to know anymore than the fact that babies died to know that you have a tragedy. Everything else is just an additional insult to dignity and humanity.
And it is a certainty that when the MSM gets hold of stories like this that NOTHING they do will serve to help and as we observed only be used to cynically perpetuate their own pet themes.

Aside from that, when I do want to get a native perspective things that go on in those communities I can rely on Darcey and the crew at Dust My Broom to get to the heart of the matter without any agenda except getting to the heart of the matter.


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Blogger WomanHonorThyself said...

well thanks for clarifying my friend...your report on whatever makes yer crop grow my friend!

2/04/2008 7:53 p.m.  
Blogger Shere Khan said...

The freepr does make good firestarter OMMAG.

I also use it to show my kids how 'accepted media' can distort a story to achieve it's political bias.

Really quite fun. Especially when Vic Toews writes in to comment on their obvious tomfoolery....

2/04/2008 10:12 p.m.  
Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

You can get the sun free in river heights on Matthers or fleet ave they have a free box every 2 blocks.

As for bias the sun last I checked hadn't touched the Ezra Levant Story and the free press had three lame lines,

Then when the MSM's have more layoffs they will wonder why.

There has to be a multiplier like every 1000 hits kills an MSM job or 10,000.

Shere Khan I don't know about where you live but I get enough flyers that my fireplace doesn't need extra paper.

Hell, I can usually start it just with credit Card applications.

Credit is bad!

I think I went ot,

2/05/2008 7:18 a.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

It's really frustrating ... I'd love to have a decent source of local information ..... but these guys are so freekin incompetent I can't bring myself to reward them by buying the rags. Most days when I do read one of them I just get fed up with the garbage.

2/05/2008 1:16 p.m.  
Blogger Shere Khan said...

The Free Press is the new tinfoil, and we can make plenty of hats for everyone.....

2/06/2008 6:08 a.m.  

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