Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Contrast The Paucity of Information ....

Update Again....... And Again

As of Saturday February 23'd we have the Winnipeg Free Press asking the Question:
Who is responsible.....? Of course the writer Gabrielle Giroday focuses on the bickering between the Public Insurer TAX Collection Agency ... MPI and the municipalities of East and West St.Paul ..... who are viewed by MPI as deep pockets just waiting to by emptied!

And OF COURSE no thought is given to the fact that the DRIVER of the vehicle should be considered responsible.

Has it struck anyone the contrast that exists between the coverage given to what amounts to nothing more than a traffic incident involving the relative of a minor celebrity and the nearly complete lack of attention in the MSM on the issue of Human Rights Commission's bureaucratic jack boots stomping all over OUR Nation's rights to free expression???

Where's the priorities of these simps?

Offered Here:
Elderly Man Dies OR HERE

In comparison to: The Overblown Celebrity mongering going on in the case of Lisa Klassen.

Good News!
Lisa Klassen Update - We are happy to hear that Lisa is no longer in a life threatening situation.
Also - CTV newsflash ..... Lisa Klassen is Victim of Flying Car .... yes her vehicle grew wings and FLEW of the bridge! C'mon CTV you forget to say it was an SUV too!

Now back to the un-hyped tragedy of the unrelated to a minor celebrity 83 year old ....Joseph La Spina:

No overblown hype about celebrity connections? Nope .... there are none.
No follow up stories on the family's pain and suffering? Nope .... mere unknown plebes.
No blaring headlines about Flying Vehicles Going Out of Control? Nope ...just a car.

Well they did stay true to form in the matter of blaming the Vehicle for striking the victim.
Some facts not reported here:
- The Man was walking on a sidewalk when it happened
- One driver stopped to allow him to pass before proceeding into the entrance that the man was passing
- A Second Driver rear ended the stopped vehicle forcing it into the man and breaking his neck.
The man is Now Dead because at least ONE of these drivers is incompetent.
No mention in the media of anything but vehicles being the cause!

Notice the PAUCITY of substance in the reporting?


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