Thursday, February 07, 2008

John McCain Gets The GOP Nomination!

Strange how this whole caucus and delegate process works eh?

In related news:

Headless Rush Limbaugh found seated in Chair....
After the production crew at the studio were startled by a loud bang they discovered the body seated in the middle of the room with wall dripping red and grey goo.....

No word on whether the show will continue to air.

Rush Limbaugh

Anne Coulter Goes Democrat ....

Unnamed sources tell us that Coulter was heard to say "Maybe I should go get drunk with Kennedy Instead!"

Astonished campaign workers at the Clinton Offices were surprised today by the appearance of the bombastic Blond in their foyer. Bill Clinton was surprised to see his arm ripped off at the elbow after he tried copping a feel off Ann ! No comment yet from Hillary but she was seen having a cackle in the ladies lounge.

Ann Coulter

All The News I Can Make Up!


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