Thursday, February 21, 2008

WHO Is Jawed Ahmad?

Outside of the current flap about his being help at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan..
Shakleford of JAWA Rpt

"But if any one can find a story or two written by Jawed Ahmad, who also goes by the alias "Jojo Yazemi", please leave a link. How those articles present the Taliban point of view is critical."

Searching news and web archives for two days now with Jawed, Jawad, Jojo, Ahmad, Yazemi
I've found only two references to this name so far and those as an inversion.

Man in the street interviews ... AP 2006/2007

SOUNDBITE: (Dari) Ahmad Jawed, Kabul Resident:
"In my point of view Osama (bin Laden) is a good man, he is not a bad man."

SOUNDBITE: (Dari) Ahmad Jawed, 15 years old, Vox Pop:
"We are happy but because of the recent bomb blast and explosion everyone is scared and no one can celebrate Eid the way we did last year."

So Far ..... Not one reference anywhere to stories attributed to this guy!
Don't stringers get credit at least as a source?
If this guy was actually a reporter working for CTV or AP don't you think he'd have SOME record of stories filed??

Or has CTV and AP (yet again) been duped by a propagandist for terrorists?


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