Monday, March 10, 2008

Weather Is News !

Indulging in Schadenfreude !

Given the large amount of snow we've had and especially in the last few weeks and given that we are about two weeks from the official start of Spring .... I can understand a certain amount of interest in how our Canadian Winter is evolving.

But! .... In my heart I know that this is CANADA where we are living and that we may well have ... Cold Weather and Snow and all the usual things that happen between the months of November and May. We may even have major snowstorms in May for that matter. It's all happened before and there is NO reason to think that it cannot happen again.

So, as I watch the news reports this morning where our intrepid CBC reporters are telling us how difficult things are in Ontario and how deeply weary those poor denizens of Ottawa are of the winter, I just cannot help experiencing a twinge of satisfaction at the lessons that are being imposed on those folks who seem to think that they are somehow immune from these realities.

For those stranded would be travelers who have had their larks to warmer climates postponed or otherwise interfered with ..... I admit to indulging in a small measure of satisfaction at the predicament. After all ..... those vacations are hardly matters of great import to anyone but the self indulgent folks who are affected.

Winter! May it last until it's over !

We in Canada are not immune from it no matter where in the country we reside or do business.
And just as a matter of fairness and to keep some otherwise oblivious people in mind of WHERE we live and the NATURE of our physical world ...... I say keep it coming!

From Winnipeg .... OMMAG

Just saw this morning that the Talking Heads at CBC figure they ALL Deserve a medal of Merit for "Surviving the Winter" ! Sheesh............ what a bunch of idiots.

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