Thursday, April 10, 2008

NDP Economics ! Building a Better Socialist Paradise

The new "Budget" delivered by Gary Doer And the Dippers yesterday amounts to nothing unusual at all for these geniuses.

The NDP economic math states that :
More Debt = Budget Surplus

Try that with your household budget and see where it gets you!

The provincial debt will rise by $500 million making our total $10.9 billion with NOTHING to show for it. Do not forget that Federal Transfer Payments running close to $3.8 billion this year that makes the total revenue that the NDP have dependent on largess of the Federal transfer program.

Unlike a household with a debt that equals 22% of its net worth where the largest part is the mortgage on the house there is NO Equity associated with the debt.
The Provincial Government can't sell the house to pay off anything. But what they can do is make themselves landlord over the citizens of Manitoba and force the tenants to cough up more RENT to pay for their money wasting habits.

But isn't that what the NDP are all about? Treating the public as tenant serfs ... just a source of revenue to finance their own foolish mismanagement of the provinces resources.

When the concept of budgeting was first taught to me it was explained that the first thing you do is put all your expenses and liabilities on the left side of the page and all your assets and revenues on the right.
Add up both sides and if the left side is a bigger number than the right THEN YOU HAVE A SHORTFALL or DEFICIT meaning that you are IN Trouble Bud!

Real simple .... how could anyone fail to understand that?

Of course if your a complete idiot or a fraud you might leave things like Debt OFF that left side of the page and you might want to count things like potential gifts ( transfer payments ) on the right to help make your position look better than it is.

And that is exactly what Doer, Selinger and the gang are doing!
They are burying the Manitobans in debt, making the Province dependent on Federal Transfer payments (Charity) and telling us that ......

"We've never had as healthy an overall balance as we have right now....."

So there you go Manitoba eat your crap sandwich and enjoy it !


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