Friday, April 18, 2008

Fridays Beer !

No adventure for me today .... I'm going to indulge in one tried and true treat!

You may recall .....

From Half Pints Brewing Company Here in Winnipeg :

Weizenbock although not a NEW beer for this year but rather a returning seasonal.
Half Pint's bock is now delivered to the store in 341ml Bottles rather than those monster 660ml units ... still 6.2% abv and still no doubt a Treat! Oh Yeah! It WAS Good....

"She delivers smooth and slightly sweet sensations that make her irresistible."
Those first kisses are oh so sweet.........

And so it is again ..... wonderful floral and spicy hops to get the tastebuds primed and a nicely executed combination of malts ... its clean refreshing smooth on the tongue and finishes very pleasantly.
The traditional beer of spring and since today is also the first day of that season .... well quite timely!

It is SPRING and the time for Bock Beer so enjoy ........ And don't forget to get on over to
Dust My Broom for Darcey's selections of beverage and blues !


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