Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Make It a Policy ! Quash The HRCs

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police have begun an investigation into alleged criminal conduct by members of the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

The Government of Canada :

"Despite the need for an arms length relationship, the Department of Justice continues to monitor the Commission and Tribunal to ensure that our human rights system remains effective."

In fact the Minister Mr. Nicholson has chosen to defend the status quo at CHRC / CHRT and apparently attempted to sideline the public criticism.

Just because the mistake was made in allowing these bureaucracies to exist does not in any way mean that we have to live with them.

I suggest that before we had HRCs we had laws and that any proposed functions the HRCs could provide were already a part of our legal system. Therefore the HRCs have been from the beginning unnecessary and extra legal. The fact that they are intrinsically abusive of the legal rights of Canadian citizens is obvious and as a matter of fact they have been shown to act in a manner that defies the very principles of Justice. Now that they are being challenged by individuals who have chosen to fight back against their abusive actions we have every right to ask that our government to review the policy that allows them to exist.

This is a bureaucracy run amok and now that these individuals have forced the exposure of the commissions practices we find clear evidence that in spite of such statements by the government of Canada there is no oversight.

There is only one solution to the abuse we are enduring and that is the elimination of such commissions and tribunals.

This is a policy that the CPC should have declared as fundamental to the defense of liberty and individual rights.

As Ezra Levant Says : Fire Them ALL!


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