Wednesday, June 25, 2008

What Passes for Diligence in the Media

Anyone think for a minute that the Canadian MSM are anything BUT Mouthpieces for the LIberals!

Take a look at the headlines in National Newswatch :

"Canadians want TV debate on Liberals' carbon tax, poll finds"
"Can `green shift' alter Quebec climate?"
"Dion's carbon tax the fairest option for Canada"
"Canada deserves green debate"
OK, Alberta oil producers, start thinking carbon taxes"
"Dion's green anti-poverty plan"
"Canada can lead on greener path"
"The Green Shift is good for Canada"
"Green Dion: refreshing but flawed"
"Timely warning on climate change"
"Liberals stand fast on shift to green"

Any Questions?
Then refer to THIS

h/t to SDA and Commenter Maz2


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