Monday, June 09, 2008

What Passes for Scholarly Research?

In the world of Arab Islamic revisionists there is literally nothing that cannot be warped in the vain effort to create a greater history than what the facts tell us.

Consider Abdul-Rehim Rihan, head of Dahab Antiquities an Egyptian archeologist ....

"....some of the antiquities unearthed in Sinai Peninsula revealed that the Star of David was created as an Islamic decoration. The six-pointed star was found at the entry of Al-Gundi fort, founded by Saladin from 1183 to 1187 along the military route connecting the Suez and Aqaba gulfs."


"....the Menorah, the seven-branched and nine-branched candelabrums, has no special Jewish base."

Now I'll concede that either symbol may well have originated elsewhere than in the peoples of Judea .... however a cursory examination of the timelines of Judaism versus Islam tells a very different story to that which Abdul is trying to spin.

Crash Course in History of Judea Begins about 1800 BCE
Crash Course on The Timeline of Islam Begins about 570 BC (= AD)
That shows in FACT that Judaism was a well established 2300 years before existence of Mohamed.

Islamist revisionism at work!

One thing for sure is that Neither Symbol the
Magen David (six point star) or Menorah ( seven branch candelabra) are the creation of Arabs or other followers of Mohamed.

h/t The Gates of Vienna


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Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

Disagreeing with twisted logic is a thought crime.


Battling Christianity everywhere,...

6/10/2008 1:52 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

Yeah ... Judaic and Islamic texts do not use the the Roman and Christian reference.
Below is an explanation lifted from Yahoo Answers.....

"BCE = Before Common Era. BC is Before Christ, and AD is Anno Domini (Latin for year of the lord). BCE and CE were invented to avoid the religious implications of the other terms. The year 1 AD immediately follows 1 BC; there is no zero between them. References to Jesus in history are ambiguous; it appears that if Jesus existed at all (not certain), he was born somewhere around 4 BC to 6 BC."

To me it is weaseling around acceptance of the existence of Christ.

6/10/2008 7:45 p.m.  

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