Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Say Goodbye to Those Mom&Pop Local Products

It came to my attention through a friend who grows a market garden the new legislations governing labeling of packaged food products may have some unintended consequences.

It seems that some of the things he has been producing such as his home made style pickles and horseradish now have to be labeled under the appropriate Canadian products and the Food Content laws.

So ...

Well in order to comply with these requirements he would have to submit his product to registered testing labs to determine the actual breakdown of his pickle juice and his horseradish. This is a process that is both time consuming and expensive enough to wipe out most of the profit from his little venture. Then he has to purchase labels and or labeling equipment and ensure that every container that goes to market meets the standards.

So what? These products and the products of thousands of small homegrown operations represent local economic development, offer consumer choice and diversity and in fact are some of the best value and quality items you can purchase in your local stores or markets.

Now thanks to bureaucratic meddling that was argued to be in the best interests of consumers and our domestic producers we are about to ruin an entire supply chain. This will affect a broad range of products and increase the cost of food. You see those increased costs that the BIG producers whined about are nothing more than an inconvenience which costs can be passed along to you the consumer.

For the SMALL operations .... they are DEATH.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your post speaks volumes of the intended vs unintended impact that any legislation can have.


7/29/2008 12:50 p.m.  
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