Sunday, July 27, 2008

Those Dedicated Boosters at CP

Man OH Man ! You know how a guy sits down for a minute on a Sunday .... takes a moment to savor a cup of coffee and a peek at the news .... and what does he see but something that strains all the boundaries of sense and reality?

Canadian Press Headline:

Carbon tax plan boosts Dion's image, if not Liberal fortunes

Ok now that seems par for the course with CP..... knee jerk boosterism for all things LIberal is the order of the day, every day for our MSM. And I'm not really surprised to see it .... just more or less resigned to the fact that this is the way our news media behaves. I am however curious to see how or if they even bother try to make a logical or factual connection and read on :

OTTAWA - Stephane Dion's risky proposal to impose a carbon tax hasn't rocketed the Liberal party to the top of Canada's political charts, but it does seem to have given the leader's image a much-needed boost.

During a swing through eastern Ontario last week to sell his "green shift," Dion met with criticism from farmers and truckers who fear a carbon tax on diesel fuel will put them out of business, notwithstanding the offsetting tax cuts and tax benefits the Liberal leader is promising.

And Dion heard warnings from some Liberals, who fear they'll never be able to make the proposal palatable to voters.

And yet our Intrepid journalist goes on to twist observed reality into the mandatory lauding of the impossibly moronic.

Still, he was simultaneously lauded for having the guts and the intellectual depth to risk debate on a complex plan for tackling climate change.

"I want to thank you for your courage," city councillor Bernadette Clement told Dion during a pit stop in Cornwall, Ont., one of 17 towns and cities across the country that the leader has visited over the summer so far.

Because for CP and most of the rest of our MSM the opinion of a single LIberal bootlick outweighs ALL of the contrary evidence.

Oh yes .... The Money Quote from Dion himself:

"I am a courageous politician. I don't work with a safety net," he told The Canadian Press.

So while the rest of us were out enjoying our summer weekend the tireless water bearers of the MSM were busy carrying the weight for the princes of delusion.

There's more here : Courtesy Joan Bryden CP in a piece that could be funny if it were not just so sadly distorted.


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