Saturday, September 27, 2008

Bush Derangement Syndrome Persists

In the campaign and in the hearts and minds of the Obamanarians.

Today's news coverage of the candidate's debates between John McCain and Barrack Hussein Obama that were televised last night was a study in the mentality of delusional believers in airy fairey platitudes and their absolute refusal to ever admit that the are WRONG!

On the matter of International Policy and especially the Iraq and Afghan situations some joker being interviewed by the Ceeb said that because MaCain sided with George Bush on these matters more often than not over the last 5 years ...this proved that McCain had bad judgement and therefor Obama WON the debate.

Never mind that in reference to the debate it had just been established that in fact Obama was forced to agree that the policy of escalated military effort in Iraq ... otherwise know as the "Surge" that had been consistently rebuked and maligned by the Left and certainly by BHO up to that point.... was In Fact a successful and therefore correct policy and strategy.

Never mind the fact that GW has been proven right on every major matter in these areas and that the policies he pursued have ALL been working. Never mind that whether or not Bush is or was right or wrong that matter or any other matter has nothing to do with the debate.

Of course especially never mind that in avery sgnificant matter BHO proved himself to be shallow and uninformed chosing to contue to offer empty rhetoric in place of rational understanding.

From the perspective of a serious Obama insider someone who in fact is seen by the Obama campaign as suited to speaking for the presidential candidate the mere fact that one would agree with GWB at any time in any matter means that person automatically loses any argument.

Typical leftard reasoning. They believe that all they need to do is invoke the magic words George Bush and their enemies will be rendered defenseless.

To have one of the Obama fatihful doing this on International Television tells us much about the quality of his campaign and supporters.


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