Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Hairspray Helmet Comes Unglued!

It was a bad hair day for CBC's Heather Hiscox.

In any case things took an interesting twist today.

Just in time for my amusement who should appear on my screen but Heather the Hairspray Helmet, looking just a little less symmetrical and full bodied than usual. And prattling about the new LIberal web site. Now that got my full attention. New LIberal Web site?

Ok ... it's really just the same old site with some updates. Apparently the LPC wishes to reinvent Stephie, the guy who tried to eat a Kalekasis hot dog with a knife and fork, as a more rugged and robust .... More Canadian .... sort of guy!

Ha! Good Luck with that!

Getting back to Heather and the Ministry of correct opinions etc....

Header's got quite the shock it seems. For as she wound herself up to her dramatic climax and we were to be shown the visual of the New and Improved version of Dion's image make over it seems that someone in the video department got the message wrong and put up one of the "He's NOT a leader!" clips from the CPC website!

Spit take on that one! A mouthfull of Tim's special blend all over the place !!

..... Que back to Headers caught bug eyed with her mouth open doing a double and tripple take on her monitor. It was a sweet moment. As she scrambled to explain what it was we had seen she offered it as a take from the "anti Harper" website then a video from the conservative bashing Harper site, then more or less correctly as the conservative video bashing Stephane Dion.

The speed at which her head bobbed from monitor to camera was remarkable. The effect of seeing her eyes contort from bugged out incredulous to "Can't believe it" squint and the fish flapping hands clenched into white knuckled fear spasm while her mouth alternately gaped and pursed like a fish in a bowl was ... to say the least, very amusing.

Was the laugh I enjoyed at their expense worth the $billion the Canadian taxpayers subsidized these self appointed Liberal shills?

Almost .... I'll be enjoying the schadenfreude for the whole day!


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Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

thanks for watching it for me, so i don't have to endure the pain, I'll settle for the management summary.

9/09/2008 9:20 a.m.  
Blogger talnik said...

I googled Heather Hiscox and got porn.

9/09/2008 4:30 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

talnik...... you got something that at least is not a total waste of skin...... ;)

9/09/2008 8:53 p.m.  

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