Friday, September 19, 2008

Just Because I Need A Beer !

Ok It's Friday ....
I had a long day bustin' my back over some coffee-mocha coloured grout in a bathroom reno. I hate confined spaces and I especially hate doing messy work in confined spaces. My arms hurt, me back hurts and my knees hurt. My teeth hurt from clenching my jaw and my head hurts to boot.

I'm in a lousy mood and I need a TALL beer!

And so ....

I went to laboratory and created this foam monster!

I call her Hoe - Leffe .

She is golden blonde and smells like angels breath. She was created in my extra large happy glass and exists for the sole purpose of pleasing me by easing my pain.

Ease back with Johnny Copeland on the blues channel and let the blues & beer do their magic.




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