Monday, September 29, 2008

Prudent Spending and Business Friendly Policies

I sure wish that Stephan Harper would show more dedication to this Issue .

Although we know from experience that far too many voters don't get the connection between helping your economic engine run and the overall health and prosperity that everyday people enjoy.

Perhaps the decades of being subjected to socialist dogma by politicians, educators, labour groups and the mass media without ever being encouraged to put two and two together on the basics of our economy where having successful businesses is the only way to create employment and therefore wealth for the population.

Who knows?

I think though that after the bar has been set so abysmally low in the arena of fiscally responsible policy and management that it becomes too easy to simply point to how feeble the socialist utopian's arguments and how removed from reality they are.

We need to set the bar higher when it comes to both understanding and articulating the need for rational economic policy.

In any case it would be helpful and encouraging to see at lest one leader hold forth strongly for rational economic policy.

It would also be helpful if the MSM would actually tell the truth about the root causes of the US credit debacle.

That being the congress of the USA forcing laws into effect that made it necessary for banks and other lenders to make mortgage loans to people who could not qualify for those loans under a rational measure of risk and then forcing the federal government to guarantee those loans.

In the end though it will be the leaders of the business community who as always eventually find a way to make things work( in spite of the interference of pin head politicians) that will lead the way.


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