Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What France Offers As Leadership

B - Euro - cRats

When the Socialists of France saw the possibility of Nickolas Sarkozy being elected president of the republic it was all hue and cry that this was "dangerous" because of his right wing views. It would be the end of all things for France cried the socialists who predicted some kind fall from their imagined state of grace in the world into their darkest imagined fears of a GW Bush / Dick Cheney sort of neo-conservative horror show. Horror to them being something that is amorphously intangible but somehow connects it seems in their collective imagination with visions of capitalist success and range riding Marlboro men reveling unchecked by the more highly refined conscience and moral authority of the progressive left.

Which bring us to yesterday's news from Europe and the Self Declared Centre of The Universe.

It seems the socialists should not have feared so greatly that one of their home grown politicians would be such a neanderthal beast. For at heart, like all Europeans he is completely willing throw good sense, economic freedom, the free market system, international security and law under the bus for the sake of being seen as something greater than reality demonstrates.

The story from the UN speach As reported by AP

A truly remarkable piece of hypocrisy, foolishness, ignorance, revisionism, redundance and wishful thinking in a state address from the heart of a bureaucrat.


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oiy France!..*shakes head

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