Sunday, October 12, 2008

Canada's Choices

On the one hand we have a party that has promoted and implemented virtually nothing but socialist policies for over thirty years. Not to mention the ever more ingrained culture of corruption and entitlement of that party's elite. Criminal charges extant and pending.

Are we better off as a nation because of this?

The current incarnation of this socialist party has chosen to promote the least competent and possibly the least intelligent man they have ever elevated to the position. Don't bother arguing about PhD's in sociology or language barriers or sudden hearing impairments. Prone to hysterics and incapable of taking advice or even listening to his supporters .... This guy is a fool.

Do you really want a socialist pedant and political incompetent to be prime minister of Your country?

On the other hand we have a party that has cast off the old and reformed itself with the help of a political leader who united the fractured conservative supporters of this country, brought forward policies that address injustices and waste in our government while advancing the interests of the Canadian taxpayer and the economic backbone of our nation the business community.

A party that chose a strong and capable leader.

A true student of the political process who holds a graduate degree in economics, something that requires actual ability to think and solve problems in the real world.

A leader who in spite of the outrageous efforts of his opponents and the outright lies propagated against him in the media has proved himself capable of not only withstanding the constant abuse of those politically motivated attacks but more importantly shows his ability to stay focussed on real issues.


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