Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mindset of The MSM Revealed

Meet Dan Lett Columnist in the Winnipeg Free Press who perhaps unintentionally reveals the underlying mindset and motivation of more if not most of his peers in the MSM.

In this article discovered in the Freep today .... Dano Ponders the deep implications of scandal and how no matter what the media do to try to bring down public support of the Conservative party and our leader PM Stephen Harper the public just don't seem to care.

Of course Mr. Lett goes to great lengths to remind us all yet again of what he sees as the given fact of the series of scandals faced by the Conservatives making sure to include some inflammatory language and not a mention that NONE as in not one of these so called scandals might be anything more than desperate attempts at confabulation by politically motivated persons.

IN the bulk of his piece Dano seems to be bemoaning the seeming failure of his bretheren to have any significant effect or simply acting puzzled at the lack of results.

A signifcant quote from Dan:

"Back to the plagiarism scandal. Can a single act of immorality become the income trust investigation letter of the 2008 campaign? We journalists are suitably outraged but it's unclear voters care any more about this scandal than any of the other scandals. Poll results over the next few days should be watched closely."

Where we learn that not only is PM Harper in fact a plagiarist ( not his writer who actually took the words and included them in a speech) but also that he is guilty of "Immorality" because of it.

And the capper where Dano lets the cat out of the bag for real:

"Perhaps the problem here is that we in the media are simply looking for the wrong consequence. Although it appears none of these mini scandals is likely to hurt any one party, it might hurt all of them when nobody shows up to vote on October 14."

You see it's not at all about the lofty ideals of informing the public. Rather it's all about how much dispruption can be caused by these oh so civic minded members of the media.

Oh and by the way Mr. lett consider that perhaps your failure is because of your failings and the public is just plain sick and tired of your BS.


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Blogger marginalizedactiondinosaur said...

maybe it marks the emergence of "the blogs."

Even red tory said it shows how hard up the libs are by bringing it up.

Why don't they bring up Krista Erickson far more recent.

Or why we don't know the names of the Liberal MP's in adscam and why haven't elections Canada searched the liberal offices the MSM's don't care and to few bloggers question that too actually. IM[not so]HO, :)

10/04/2008 9:51 a.m.  

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