Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back To The MSM - No Pretense of Being Un-Biased

Observe the difference in the handling of these two articles.

1) The LIberal Leadership :

Headline -
"Ignatieff kicks off Liberal leadership bid with attack on Harper

Followed by simple and uncritical prose about the subject..... no characterizations of divisive internal strife for the LIberals no sir! Read the rest as CP reporter Joan Bryden has her own "little love in" on the matter of the Natural Governing Party's search for the next #1 self righteous ass and political dead meat leader. How earnest she is! With plenty of juicy quotes and quips from LIberal pols who may or may not be in actual contention for the position of keeper of the the faith for the MSM and other institutionalized bastions of our self proclaimed betters.

All the while hoping that by not discussing the facts of the situation she may help to avoid a repeat of "Things having gone wrong for no understandable reason." No discussion of the elephant(s) in the room from Joan and CP when in LIb-Land. Just a steady comforting drone punctuated with moments of slightly breathless excitement as they rub their naughty bits in anticipation of the great resurrection they hope to have us believe is imminent.

2) The Conservative Convention :

Headline - "A few wrinkles develop at Tory love-in"

Followed by a feeble attempt to characterize the actual debate of policies as something that is inherently problematic. The unattributed piece from CP offers NO comment or quotation from anyone connected with the party . Nope ... Conservatives are scary and whatever they are doing is not good for us.

OK by me!

It does not really matter much if you don't talk to people or do research or check any facts before you make up a story. Anymore than it matters if you go and get facts, quotes do research and then make up a story.

At the end of the day what you are telling us is that all you do is make up stories that fit your own POV.


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