Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I'll Take Banana Republics Alex !

This stays here until resolution of the attempted hijacking of our government.

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Under the Heading Banana Republics:

A coalition of the NDP-BQ-Liberals (The Jeopardy Answer)

In the latest round of hysteria coming from the Left Wing politicos and being more than amply amplified in the MSM we have the news that The NDP (Layton) the Bloc Quebecois (Duceppe) and The LIberals ( Who Knows ) have undertaken a little pact to toss out the results of the National Election of 2008 and impose a little dictatorship coalition of the Marxists the Traitors and the Thieves.

A page taken directly from the books of such notable "Democracies" as Zimbabwe, Niger, Venezuella and such .... If you can't get your own way .... cheat!

Regardless of how the Mainstream Lib lovers try to play this as a proof that the Government aka the Conservatives is at fault or somehow negligent in allowing such a situation to come to pass, the reality remains that these three political opportunists are the source and the impetus behind it.

The MSM gleefully parroting the scumbags justifications and dutifully denigrating our governments responses.

Times up!

Shit or get off the pot .... because there is NO way this is going to end up a winning situation.

As the usual MSM culprits have had the entire weekend to play this up to their favorite memes so the rest of the commentariat will have the remaining weeks to remind the public that it's not love of democracy or love of country that motivates these cretins.

The willingness of the NDP -BQ-LPC to play third world politics in OUR nation is the problem.

And so we see Canada The True North Strong and Free brought to the level of your average third world shithole.

What is the newest Third Rate Political Joke ? Alex!

And the Hump Day Hump of the week is ..... naturally .... a Threefer:



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Blogger the beard said...

As bad an idea as this proposed coalition government is, I think it serves no one any good to start screaming it is some sort of Coup or revolution like you see Banana Republics. In a parliamentary democracy, in a minority government no less, the prime minister only serves as long as he can show the crown he has the confidence of the house. If the Liberals, NDP and BLock are deluded enough to think they can form a workable government than the Governor General must give them the opportunity to try, before dissolving the house and having another election 2 months after we just had one.

Of course I belive this Dion led government will last only slightly longer than the Aruther Meighan one, after the King-Byng affair. But it is well within the rules of a parliamentary democracy. And gives Harper or whomever the Liberals pick a real bone to hit the NDP, Green and Bloc with in the next election, cause a majority government does not allow for these type of games, and only two aprties in Canada can form a majority.

11/30/2008 10:46 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

It is the kind of politics practiced in the third world by folks with a weak understanding of and commitment
to actual democracy.

Regardless of how it plays out this is an unprecedented low point in our history.

You can thank the scoundrels named for that.

12/01/2008 5:29 p.m.  

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