Tuesday, November 18, 2008

More Knowing of Your Enemies

Bob Parks ... dug this piece about the whacked out billionaire who for some reason likes the idea of more government for you.

George Soros has also been at the front end of the back end of global warming hysteria, numerous anti-American posturings by meddlers like the AMA. And just about any organization he can co-opt into becoming a mouth piece for his warped statist ideology.

Like our home grown crypto commie and UN backroom deal broker Mo Strong, Soros has a lot of influence and a lot of money to buy more of it. He has no compunction about doing so and he has his hands on Barrack Obama.

Of course Georgie boy has no intention of being UNDER the rule of any government.

It's also plain that George knows how to make good with useful tools he finds in his travels.


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