Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Slap In the Face For Canadians Of Honour

It seems that some ignoramus in the Veteran's Affairs office thinks that it is appropriate for fascist enemies of our Heritage to use the November 11th memorial as a platform for their own propaganda.

From Ezra Levant :

I am disgusted to learn today what one of H&K's recommendations must have been: the neo-Nazi propagandists at the CHRC are actually going to be laying a wreath at Canada's war memorial in tomorrow's Remembrance Day ceremony. They've even put out a press release about it.

So am I Ezra.

h/t To Chris In MB who posted at the Broom.
In the Comments Ezra Levant has submitted a press release to the MSMers..... Let's see how many of THEM pick up on this insult to our Veterans and our own values.


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