Thursday, January 15, 2009

Again With The Polar Bears !

Another display of the Reason for posts like this :

As If It Was Ever In Doubt! .

Today Winnipeg was the scene of a meeting that brought Jim Prentice the newly minted environment minister. Apparently Jim has either a problem getting quoted accurately and in context or he has an information processing deficit similar to most LIberals and lefties in general.

According to Canadian Press:

"....It's a "critical time" for polar bears and their survival rests in the hands of Canadians, federal Environment Minister Jim Prentice said Thursday. ...."

Which sounds an awful lot like the BS we get from hog trough science researchers looking for more money from the taxpayers and hoping to justify it with unsubstantiated claims.

The rest of the article is Here if your interested! And here is just a taste of the Hyperbole being flung about by the ever ready "expert" .....

"It comes down to a simple reality - there is a problem here. You can't deny scientific consensus. If you take the habitat away, then the polar bears disappear and so does Inuit harvesting."

Here's some of that so called consensus :


An excerpt:

Three scientists, J. Scott Armstrong of the University of Pennsylvania, Kesten Green of Monash University, and Willie Soon of The Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, audited the government studies to assess whether they were consistent with forecasting principles. Their paper, “Polar Bear Population Forecasts: A Public-Policy Forecasting Audit,” has been accepted for publication in the management science journal Interfaces. It is the only peer-reviewed paper on polar bear population forecasting that has been accepted for publication in an academic journal.

They concluded that the government forecasts were based on false assumptions and their polar bear population forecasts contravened many principles for scientific forecasting. Indeed, the reports followed fewer than one-sixth of the relevant principles. Given the importance of the forecasts, all principles should be properly applied. In short, the government reports do not provide relevant information for this decision.

So CP! * Maybe your audience is smarter than you are?? *

Yeah Maybe.

Oh BTW! When the CP report first appeared this morning it was about One Quarter the length of the version I linked to this afternoon and was unattributed. Apparently they found a reporter with enough time to go get the rest of the story and flesh out their intended theme.


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Blogger Lost Johnny said...

What's even scarier is the public eats this shit up as the gospel. Here's scary for you:

Having coffee with the guys this morning somehow *bg* the topic of gun ownership comes up. One teacher, whom I know to be a farmboy from out Tyndal way immediately clams up and gets a grin on his face and proceeds to do some 'work' at his desk, the other two, city boys, like to believe that there are no reasonable reasons to own a firearm in the city. I was lost for words, these are guys I respect and are excellent teachers, so I found the whole scene quite surreal.

After the city boys leave the room, farmboy turns to me and says - city boys don't get it.

Still good people, just brainwashed by the marxist utopia that is our MSM Media.

Later on in the day, I sent them all this blogpost Coffee tommorrow morning is gonna be interesting.

1/15/2009 8:48 p.m.  
Blogger OMMAG said...

So all people who live in the city should be banned from owning the firearms they use for sport.

Simply because they a) Live in the city and b) somebody else is afraid of guns.

It's typical lefticle logic.

1/16/2009 5:13 p.m.  

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