Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Arguing For The Enforced Subsidy of Third Rate Talents!

It's CRTC Time Again and the usual lot are out in force demanding that

You and I pay for crap we do not want just because the producers of said crap say so.

Add in the crowd of "More Government is What we NEED!" harpies and the self serving bureaucrats of the quasi-governmental commission and you may just find your self paying for all the crap that you have been free from for the last 20 years or so.

The recording industry as a whole is in a pickle and they want government to fix their problems.
That means that YOU are going to pay!

Whether you Never Even Buy or listen to music you will pay.... if the supporters of this have their way:
"............ cultural groups proposed a mandatory tax based on a percentage of broadband revenues, with the money going to Canadian new media content. But the companies that pipe the Internet into Canadian homes have insisted they will pass any such tax directly onto the consumer Internet bills."

For more comprehensive analysis you may want to read: Michael Geist

For my money however ... Brett Lockhart of Mississauga, ON nails it with : " ...... his public submission that the CRTC should stay away from the Internet and that the existing regulations for TV and radio have a "real air of socialism."



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