Saturday, February 21, 2009

Being Busy With Work.. You Catch Up on the Weekend...........

Know who Eric Holder is?

Pure P dot O dot S ......... Eric Holder The Obama Nation's pick for Attorney General....
" America is a nation of cowards "!

Well I for one would argue that it's more a case of people being sick and tired of the race mongering bullshit from shitstain ACLU lovin' activist and America Hating PRICKS like you.... to the point of where ... when your ilk starts talking race ..... the rest of us lose interest because we've got better things to do than spend our lives feeding your ego by playing along with your self gratification. You say cowards! Wrong. You jerk off all you like to that fantasy Eric. The fact is that YOU Eric Holder.... you are the one with problem ... you made it yourself and you nurture it in the dark recesses of your withered soul.

And no one is the least bit interested in offering you the opportunity to call them/us racists for the mere reason that we DID engage you in your pathetic efforts to project your own weakness.

Rocky at Mitchieville is much more tolerant than I : Linky to M-Ville where he takes the time to point out the hypocrisy of Eric Holders ilk.

Why is it that people like Eric Holder make me want to punch them in the ear?


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