Wednesday, February 18, 2009

CP Polls The Helens ...... Again

The CP Article by Bruce Cheadle starts off on the right track.....

"OTTAWA - U.S. President Barack Obama arrives Thursday morning in Ottawa amid sky-high Canadian expectations that seem only vaguely hitched to mother earth. "

How the heck they get away with this crap I do not understand....

"Just four per cent of Canadians think Canada-U.S. relations are in for a rough patch"

Some analysis there CP ! The implication being ...... ?

However, they do go on to offer this .....

"...... while three-quarters predict good or excellent relations."

And then ......

".... Canadian Press Harris-Decima survey belies several potentially serious cross-border irritants but taps into what pollster Jeff Walker calls the "overlay of an Obama halo" among Canadian respondents."

Mixed messages?

"....But pro-Obama sentiment cuts across Canada almost equally by region, age and political affiliation, according to Harris-Decima, and gives Harper's Conservative government a great new latitude in Canadian-American deal-making. "

Not really .... It's all about Canada Being under the spell of the Messiah!

I guess Decima polls have the sucker list for the terminally stupid permanently programed into the auto dialers.



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