Monday, February 16, 2009

Family Day In Alberta

Scary prospect for all those of our 'Oh so refined' betters of the Eastern Liberal persuasion.

From Canoe News:

The province logged a record number of births in 2008, with 50,543 babies delivered -- a 24% increase from five years ago.

Last year's tally eclipsed the previous record of 48,589 Alberta births in 2007.

Prior to 2007, the highest number of births in one year was 45,465 in 1983, said Service Alberta Minister Heather Klimchuk.

"It's often been said that Alberta is a great place to raise a family, and it's clear from the numbers that Albertans truly believe that," said Klimchuk.

"The record number of births bodes well for the future of our province."

There were slightly more newborn boys last year -- 26,017 compared to 24,526 girls.

The report goes on discuss such lofty issues as the most popular names and such and we are informed that apparently even in Alberta there are moonbats who are willing to punish their children with names that reflect nothing except the parents unsound psychopathy.

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The prospect of so many fresh young Canadians who are quite likely to be raised by right minded parents in an environment that tends to reward hard work and success warms the cockles.

I've always held that the transfer of population to the west would spell the end of the era of entitlement by default to the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. I will shed no tears as this transpires.


Which brings us to how things are here in Manitoba as we enjoy the Very First Louis Riel Day!

In our own Happy Socialist Paradise we need to go see what our commissars have to brag about.

The Estimate.... :

Statistics Canada reports that as of July 1, 2008, Manitoba’s population had reached 1,208,000, an increase of nearly 14,500 people since July 2007. Along with 1983, these are the largest population gains in the last 36 years.

Of course this is even recognized by the NDP as being created by Manitobans "returning" from elsewhere ... read Alberta and being unemployed ... as well as "immigration".

Too bad they can't be bothered to provide any real details about how that breaks down.
However, offering what we might call "optimistic" projections of net benefits stretched over ten years based on unknown and un-described assumptions from our ministry of "Competitiveness and Training" we are told that such impressive gains are something to be crowing about.
And of course all these imagined benefits arise from the Government programs :

“Our investment in education and training, our strong economy, and initiatives like the Provincial Nominee Program demonstrate a significant Manitoba advantage, which is helping people make the right decision and move to our province.”

I don't think so. But who am I to argue with our betters in government?

Just considering that our stagnant and failing ( by any objective measure) economy being gifted with some 14,500 people who can't cut the mustard in more dynamic regions is not exactly a boon to our future prospects.

So let's sit back and enjoy our Government mandated rest day in honour of the demented revolutionary Riel.

Pass the beer and popcorn..... (pemican)


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I'm quite sure the Musssssssslims are reproducing just fine though..good Lord!

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