Friday, February 06, 2009

Friday's Beer

Well .......... I dug into the back row of the beer shelf and found another one of these gifts from WLMR and the NBP.

Meet St. Peter's cream Stout.

500ml of 6.5% abv goodness in a green bottle.

This one pours rich and dark like strong coffee in the glass.... but with bubbles and a caramel colored head that goes down to a skim in about a minute.

Well the aroma that hits you off the top of this glass is truly amazing. Perhaps not the most aromatic but what is there is pure joy.
Like taking a stroll down the back lane and passing a bake shop with the doors open to a ton of fresh bread in the works.
A closer whiff gets you a little of that banana peel and flowers with maybe just a hint of spices somewhere in the air.

The brown elixir feels silky on the tongue and the palate pleasing tastes are a straight up blast of the very same aromatics.

I like it and I'd drink a few more if I had 'em in front of me. Alas ... just one for now.

Of course there are OTHER .... Opinions And I for one appreciate that, although I rate this brew much more favorably.

So now I'm sitting here and listening to DMB's Friday Night Blues&Beer tracks ... Diggin' The Mud Sliders and snacking on a green olive stuffed with a toasted garlic clove..... man what way to relax.

I wonder what the rich folk are doin' right now? And YOU!



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