Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday's Beer

Remember: It's Friday and that means Beer and Blues over at The Broom! where I'll be headed right after I tell you all about :

Fuller's Vintage Ale 2007 "Tenth Anniversary" edition. This is essentially Magic In A Botttle !

It came to me through the NBP and the auspices of the most generous WLM Redux, gentleman raconteur member of the Dust My Broom family and a guy who really knows a good beer.

Fuller's produces a new recipe each year and for some reason this is the first time I have had the pleasure.

8.5% abv in a 500ml brown bottle in a box

From the Fuller's site:

A classic Vintage Ale with an aroma which incorporates spicy hop notes with rich fruit character and leads on to a very full malty, fruity, sweet palate which has a surprisingly clean finish coupled with a matching bitterness.

Well, my sniffer seems a bit off today but the aroma of banana and other things that remind me more of summer do come through. There is a wonderfull balance of aromatic hops and an undertone of well blended and baked malts. The pour was not gentle and I managed to put a decent 1 inch head that looked crisp at first like it might last.... but then just faded away.

The aroma really is pleasant but did not prepare me for the hit to the taste buds. Wow!
Powerfull, rich and pleasing. A perfection of flavours like few other beers have delivered.
It comes on strong without any apologies slips over the tongue with stealth and leaves a creamy after sensation and a crisp fresh taste.

I want this ale and I want it all.
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