Friday, March 20, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Just Because I Need A Beer !

Ok It's Friday ....

I had a long day, a long week made extra long by doing a rewrite for the second edition of a 300 page manual that just went out in January. Besides updating technical info in the book my boss decided this would be a good opportunity to bring in new standards for things like describing figures and illustrations, abbreviations and acronyms, units of measure, artwork and photos, tables and such. Sure I'll produce a bunch of new illustrations! Re-do the photos to make them lighter and so on..........!

Never mind that the first version contained about 60% reprint material from old manuals. Sure..... right away boss .... thanks for the break from that other rush job that has to be ready immediately!!

A months worth of work crammed into one week? NFP!

I have the perfect solution .................................... I need a TALL beer!

And so .... I resurrect .... FRANKENBIERE!!

I went to laboratory and created this foam monster last September.............

I call her Hoe - Leffe .

She is golden blonde and smells like angels breath. She was created in my extra large happy glass and exists for the sole purpose of pleasing me by easing my pain.

Ease on back with a brew of your own and check out Dust My Broom dot com where My pal Darcey has something to help us all get it on in the best Friday tradition.



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