Sunday, March 22, 2009

Our Happy Socialist Paradise !

Another season arrives and our glorious leaders regale the population with tales of prosperity and great success of the central planners.

All Manitobans should be proud that their leaders can tell them with a straight face that everything is going so well.

You see we have now a government Surplus.

Yes comrades a surplus of wealth to be shared by all and most especially by those who are most righteous in their solidarity while mouthing platitudes and promises still greater reward to those who do nothing to earn their share yet have the greatest of needs.

Of course one might wonder how a fiscal surplus could be possible when the government of the people spends more than it takes from the kulaks. It is a fortunate thing indeed that leaders have seen the wisdom of taking the revenues from the people's institutions for power and energy as well as the state provider of insurance for automobiles.

If only we could count among those endless resources of finance for the people's glory the railways and the telephone service providers along with the news papers and the radio and television media. If only comrades and you might well give up a sigh for what might have been.
Or hope for what might yet be! ..... sigh!

So it must be that anyone who would ask what these extra moneys might have been used for otherwise or contemplate that perhaps there will be a need for the peoples to somehow restore these finances to the bureaucracies in order to pay for things like future costs of improvement or development or maintenance or perhaps some unforeseen calamity, they must be shouted down.

And may the cadres have mercy on those who would voice out loud the question of why such sums of money are being horded by the apparatchiks in the first place.

And do not question good friends whether the sustenance of the transfer payments from the overlords of the great federal bureaucracy might be counted as rightfully ours and in ever increasing amounts for all of time.

For it is the word of your great leaders and their words alone that determine whether our glorious reward and prosperity is a matter of fact or not.

And the leaders have spoken! Rejoice........


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