Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Winnipeg Police Advisory Board Report

The Black Rod ..... pretty much nails it.

"Gangs and crack, the two words the Chief of Police never speaks but which define existence in Winnipeg police districts 1 and 3.

McCaskill has spent his short tenure as police chief painting himself as the man who listens to the public. It's time he becomes the man who's heard enough and starts acting like a policeman and not a politician.

But, but, but...do you expect us to put a police officer in front of every crack house?
Yes, Keith. We do.
Why is it that the police administration always cries about a shortage of police to harass crack dealers and gang members to prevent crimes, but whenever there's a murder or a shooting or an arson you see ten police cars at the scene, and 20 police directing traffic and rolling out police tape? When did sitting in a police car diverting cars around a murder scene become Priority One on the dispatch scale? If you can find the police to do that, then you can find the police to sit outside crack houses."

Our Happy Socialist Paradise !


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