Friday, April 17, 2009

Tea Party

Update ... Extra Special from the network of morons...

With a H/T to the Broom .... CNN .... "It's Anti-government, Anti CNN..." !!
Now what really surprises me is that this jewel wasn't snapped up out of J school by CBC!!


Cool name for a band..... but the relevance of the historical context is way more interesting.

It was all about people refusing to accept an absentee government's demand for tax contributions back in 1773 and it's effectively the same thing in 2009.

Only this time it's not about corrupt European elites.. Nor is it Confined to a single location !

Washington is infested with career politicians who do nothing for the constituents who put them there. Right - Left ..... Democrat or Republican .... there are few exceptions when it comes to having ZERO respect for the American public who elect these buffoons.

No better than the one time power brokers of England..... and in many ways worse since they PRETEND to be working for someone or something.

Of course you won't hear much of anything from the MSM about this except to have them use it as an excuse to smear conservative voters. Completely clueless as usual they either try to ignore the fact of this Nation Wide expression of disgust and anger or attempt to misrepresent it such that they may discredit the motives behind the protest.

File this under "Know Your Enemy".

And in that mode of thought .... enjoy this opportunity to observe the LEFT put into perspective the absolute truth of the axiom that LIBERALS are just about always wrong about everything.


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