Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Think Tanks A Game of One Upsmanship

Ah! Master D .. so you missed the weekend's efforts to stir faux controversy? Did you know that the Harper Cabinet is all in a tizzy and a turmoil over KHS v Mulroney ??

Did you miss the science program informing us that Giant Meteors exploding in the atmosphere wiped out the dinosaurs?
Apparently if it happens AGAIN there is nothing we can do about it.

So it goes with the CBofC .... having nothing of substance to offer .... they offer .... nothing of substance!

Hey is that Irony? Or what?

The CBofC puts out frequent reports that it cites as being based on their research. I've watch for years as they are a favorite of CBC/CTV/Globe media..... the sole purpose of these so called reports is to attract attention and hopefully drum up some business.
The fact that MSMers are too stupid to realize this or that they just don't care because it serves to support their own memes...... that's no surprise!
It's called Media Professionals at Work.

And so another day passes with the wearers of large floppy shoes running around in circles and and falling down with large red noses into each others buts.

OH yes I forgot to Hat Tip Darcey at www.dustmybroom.com


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