Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday's Beer !

Back again because it is such a good thirst quencher ...

The best beer I've ever had from Poland!

In 500ml Bottle at 5.5% abv this is a decent example of European domestic mass produced beer.

Always reminds me of good times and good people to share them with.

Of course there are other opinions as well:
Beer Advocate
Good Beer Blog

This golden clear lager pours with a nice white head that settles out very quickly.
The aroma is grassy and hoppy with a tinge of lemon and just a slight hint of malts and yeast.
The body in the glass is very clear and has a good effervescence that keeps everything lively.
The flavours are just slightly floral and bitter hops and a touch of malt. It feels refreshing on the tongue and finishes with a nice aftertaste that leaves me looking for another.

If your looking for something different she's well worth the time!

I saved this one for a day when having more than a couple ..... a nice warm day when you can appreciated the effect of a well iced lager.

And of course no matter what your drinking tonight ..... Check out Darcey's picks of Blues and Brews .... eh! Over at The Broom!



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