Monday, June 29, 2009

Obama's Respect for Constitution, Supreme Court and Congress

You know the same kind of institutions he's got problems with at home!

On Honduras it's a slam dunk...

Obama has decided the Castro/Chavez take on the situation was best: reinstall President Zelaya.

Early on June 28, members of the Honduran military temporarily arrested President Manuel Zelaya. Within minutes he was on a plane bound for Costa Rica. In San Jose, Zelaya denounced the military's intervention as a "coup d'etat" and a "brutal kidnapping." The military's actions, while swift and arbitrary, came after President Zelaya defied virtually every Honduran political and legal institution and propelled his citizens to the verge of polarizing violence. Zelaya's swift removal from Honduras probably saved many lives.

Yep that's what lefty scumbag wanna be dictators do!

Obama likes Zelaya's style and wants him BACK in POWER!

Just like Hugo Chavez.

You could call this a glimpse of things to come.
Are We Lumberjacks?

Time for a Beer!


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