Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The S#!t List!

What is wrong with our Happy Socialist Paradise?
Haven't we cared enough about the right things?
Are we not creating enough productive government jobs to make life better for everyone?
Did we not lay out a plan for developing our Hydro-Power resources in the best possible way?
Have we not created enough protection for workers?
Are our roads not taken care of?
Did we let someone's pension investments go down the toilet?
Did we not do enough to keep people from seeing it happen?
Did we not do enough to protect the guilty?
Have we not created enough policies to make every one well and safe?
Are the folks in the education business not being pandered to enough?
Are we allowing some child to go through school without having given them the correct perspective?
Do we not preach social justice like the religious endeavour that it is?
Have we not explained well enough how increased debt and dependency on handouts is balanced budgetary management?
What about Medicine?
Are we not spending enough?
Have we not funded enough bureaucratic managers to ensure that all Manitobans get the very best health care?
What has happened to our auto insurance?
Have not enough immobilizers been installed into intransigent car owners vehicles to make car theft disappear?
Have we not taken enough out of the MPIC bank account to force them to be efficient?
And what of crime?
Are we not being nice enough to the underprivileged and the marginally social?
Are our social services not doing enough to prevent parents from influencing their children?
Have we not taxed sinners enough?
Or need we invest in more casinos?
Have we not established enough rewards for mediocrity and have we not done enough to punish those uncooperative business owners and investors?
Have we not PROMISED enough care and facilities for caring and caring people to care for those who need care?
Have we not put our very best people and strongest minds to the task of managing our social services?
Have we not led the way in undermining those who oppose our progressive ways through manipulation of elections policy?
Have we not allowed those who have made mistakes with public trust and public funds enough chances to get it right?
Have we not acknowledged the rights of enough people who because they are not born of hateful white ancestors are undeniably victims in need of our attention and care?
Did we leave someone out from under the big tent of our social progressivism?
Did we in some way accidentally leave something that was working untouched?
Did we DO something or Change something that we must now pay for?

Why are our lives not perfect in the Utopian way that we were promised?


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