Monday, June 08, 2009

Things are Getting Hot in Canada Eh!

Canadian Press : Raitt describes isotope issue as "sexy" in taped conversation made public by judge ?

What is the matter? That's all there is ? C'mon CP you get more excited about an MP passing gas than that!

Oh yeah they got scooped by CTV and The Globe ...

OMMAG's Synpopsis:

Incompetent (and likely dishonest) aides leaving things around where reporters hang out.
Now what was that little tart recording her bosses informal conversations for anyway?
Feverish excitement in the MSM at the prospect of making hay at the expense of conservatives.
MSM displaying dubious ethics in how they handle supposedly "Found" property.
Feverish excitement amongst LIberal stooges and Dippers alike.
Plenty of quotes in the MSM. (mostly feverishly excited quotes from LIberal stooges and Dippers)

Sounds kind of familiar .... must be election time.

I think I'll send the CPC a couple hundred bucks.


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